1. XenForo

    Actualité REST API

    Welcome to another HYS for 2.1 and this one's a biggie. If you haven't seen the previous entries about what's coming in XF 2.1, check them out here. Although Halloween may be over, why not trick the "Watch forum" link into giving you a treat, by getting it send you an email whenever we post...
  2. XenForo

    Actualité Approval queue improvements, Admin options UI tweaks, Guest page caching and more!

    Welcome to the fifth in our "Have you seen...?" series for XF 2.1. In case you've not yet seen the previous entries, (why not?!) you can check them out here. As ever, to ensure you're kept up to date, we strongly recommend giving that "Watch forum" link a tap and make sure you enable email...
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